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Money back guarantee

money back guarantee

Extension is Transparent on Calls to/from Your Cell

pbx cloud system

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Virtual Office in world ip-pbx service
more than 50 Countries

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What is IP-PABX?

IP-Pabx, the complete Internet Powered Telephone Exchange / IP-PBX located on our reliable and fast Internet network. Expand your internal business calling system over the globe, using Internet as your backbone.

Why IP-PBX Systems?

IP-Pabx.com empowers enterprise with auto attendant, call recording, voice mail, voice call logging, call forwarding, flexible and scalable web-based management that is easy to maintain.

You can use the same PABX easily accessible in multiple locations with as many as 1000 extensions. No more multiple PBX's in different locations. IP-PABX gives choices of phone numbers both local and international (over 60 countries).

Co-workers can be in the next room, block, city, state or on other side of the world, and all your calls to each other are free. Pay no long distance fees. Time to save your company's hard-earned dollars.

More practical features than a traditional PBX and exceptionally lower cost. There is no better alternative for your small business but Ip-pabx.com for telecommunication needs.

Cut Business Phone
Costs & Save Money!

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